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Heleotek took part in 116th Canton Fair & Hong Kong International Lighting Fair during Oct 2014, during two fairs,Heleotek showed innovative lighting luminaries, it drawed much interest from business partners & many visitors, we appreciate their visits and focus on quality, and new design. thatí»s why we obtain much favourable comment from our parnters and visitors.

Negotiate with client from USA (Canton Fair)
Meet client from Argentina (Canton Fair)
Heleotek took part in120th Canton Fair in Guangzhou during Oct. 15th to 19th, 2016, located at booth 12.1. K37 in Pazhou Hall. Not only the known products, Heleotek also brings new LED lighting product series, to provide new lighting solutions for customers.
Meet client from Dubai (Canton Fair)
Meet client from Egypt (Canton Fair)
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