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Shanghai P.R.China
Product Name
Switchable Tempered Glass (Smart Sandwich Glass)
Glass Color
Clear, light blue, Light Red, light Grey for option
Glass Thickness
11.5mm, 13.5mm, 17.5mm for option
Max. Size(meter)
1.2x2.5m /1.8 x 3m or customized size
Working Voltage
AC65V by Transformer (Input: AC110-130V/AC220-240V)
Power Consumption
5W /square meter
Work system

1) When it is powered on, visible light transmits the switchable film and the glass turns transparent.

2) When it is powered off, visible light scatters through the switchable film and the glass turn opaque

On: 60,000 hours (over 25 years)
Privacy Protection; Safe property; Sound Insulation(UV Blocking)